How to work with HG Polishen 2 attachment

1. Watch hair very carefully; decide how much hair is damaged in whole and what the situation with ends is. If hair is damaged a lot, you should make hair-restoring procedure before you start.

2. The easiest thing you can do is named “Deep hair wetting”. We recommend to use only high qualify hair oil. To start with, wash hair very carefully with shampoo, then wash up and take on a hair masque, again wash up and take on hair conditioner and finally wash everything of.

Dry hair with towel. On wet hair, apply oil along the whole length. One applying (3-5 drops of oil) you should rub in your hand and just after that apply it on hair (YOU HAVE TO STEP DOWN APPROXIMATELY 10 sm.)

If hair is much damaged then apply 3 times with 5 drops. If you have time, you can also leave hair under hot towel for 15 -30 minutes. DO NOT WASH IT, dry WITH WARM hairdryer. On dry hair apply oil again, in case hair is very damaged you can face with a little bit oily hair, but it is not a problem, it will just help it to be in good condition (after polishen procedure is finished you should just have a wash and dry it)

When working with dry hair just OIL can help you to make a cut careful and save!!!

3. Divide hair on zones. In each zone, separate vertical strands of needed width, depending on the hair density.

4. Tale attachment on the hair clipper and conventionally site it in hand.

5. Now choose the right corner of hair pulling

6. Attention: It is not important to polish hair (HG POLISHEN 2) from the hair roots. Find where the beginning of damaging and from that point start to work.

 Work with one strand 2-3 times. To save the main length and at the end of strand open attachment.

7. Strand of hair: Inside and outside

To polish outside strand you should turn it to yourself, press it by attachment and in comfortable position stretch it using HG Polishen2.

8. After procedure,  it is important to do haircut correction and to use hair oil  again.

HG Polishen 2 allows you to forget about split ends from 2 to 6 months. The effect depends on the damaged level and further care after hair.

Do not forget to recommend your client a good home haircare between times of salon visiting.

Hair polishing HG Polishen 2 with Magic Arganoil oil

How to choose right HG Polishen2 attachment

on your hair clipper?

Video with compatible hair clippers

Ermila, Moser, Wahl, thickness blade 4 mm
Speciallly for Andis, Wahl, thickness blade 5 mm
features when working with vibrating hair clippers Wahl
Andis, Babyliss, Hairway, Harizma, Jaguar, Wella 
thickness blade 4mm

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