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How to pick the right hair polishing attachment HG Polishen 2 for your hair clipper?

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You need to know only two characteristics (as shown on the picture):

  1. Blade length must be 45mm (1.771 inches) or 46mm (1.811 inches)

  2. Blade width must 4mm (0.157 inches) or 5mm (0.196 inches)


Just take a simple ruler and measure you blade, just like it is shown in the picture. If your blade characteristics match, HG Polishen attachment will fit on your clipper.


Here is an example, when the attachment won’t fit your clipper:s Moser 1881-0055, Moser 1881-0051

hiHair clippers with such blade types or a trimmer 

How to choose right HG POLISHEN attachment on your hair clipper?

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