• How does HG Polishen® work?

HG Polishen® forms a curve of the lock in such a way that hair ends pop out and get into the hair clipper blade and get cut off at the speed of 50-150 vibrations a second. This process make the cut as even as possible and gives a significant advantage over hot scissors or any other known split hair ends removal methods. Please watch VIDEO TUTORIALS on our YouTube Channel and see our step by step instructions on how to use HG Polishen®.

  • How does HG Polishen 2® work?

Works the same way as HG Polishen®. Please watch VIDEO TUTORIAL on our YouTube Channel and see our step by step instructions on how to use HG Polishen 2®.

  • What's the difference between HG Polishen® and HG Polishen 2®?

There are 2 major improvements in our 2ND GENERATION HAIR POLISHING ATTACHMENT:

  1. We have added on a second strap for a better closure of each hair strand 

  2. And designed better teeth at the tip of the attachment adding on an extra one on the opposite side

New design allows better fit and perfect grip of each strand by making polishing process easier than ever before!


  • Where HG Polishen® and HG Polishen 2® are being made and who is the manifacturer?

HG Polishen® and HG Polishen 2® are Russian patented development and are being manufactured in Moscow, Russia. See our ISO 9001 CERTIFICATE

  • What kind of material is used?

HG Polishen® and HG Polishen 2® are made from a durable material called Polyoxymethylene. This plastic is of high stiffness and doesn’t produce a fungal environment, so it is safe to reuse at a salon.

  • What are the hair clipper models compatible with HG Polishen® and HG Polishen 2®?

Both, HG Polishen® and HG Polishen 2® attachments fit all major professional hair clipper models with 45-46 mm blade type and 4/5mm blade width. HG Polishen® is being manufactured for blade width 4 mm only. HG Polishen 2®  is being manufactured for blade width 4 mm and 5 mm. Please see List Of Compatible Hair Clippers.


  • Can I use it myself at home? I’m not a hairdresser.

We do not recommend you to use HG Polishen® and HG Polishen 2® without any professional skills. And we do not take any responsibility for results you get after you do hair polishing  to yourself.


  • How much do attachments cost?

Prices are as followed:

NEW generation HG POLISHEN2® - 1700 RUB = +/- 29$, 25€

These prices are recalculated at the exchange rate on the day of purchase

  • If I pay, how do you guarantee no fraudulent activity?

The day the payment goes through, your order will be sent to you and you will receive your confirmation email with tracking number which will be our guarantee that we did not deceive you. You can track your order via Parcel Monitor. All orders are completed on a 100% prepaid basis.

  • What are the DELIVERY options?

We offer two types of delivery:

1. Standard delivery around the world costs 5$, 4.45€. Delivery time: from 15 to 30 days.
2. Express delivery, costs: $28, €24 Delivery time: from 5 to 10 days.

*When placing an order please "Add note to seller" mentioning Express Delivery. At the checkout pay for Standard Shipping Worldwide. After we recieve your order and payment, our agent will contact you to advise you with our Express Delivery cost where you will be able to pay price difference separately. Otherwise your order will be shipped by Standard Shipping Worldwide!


Processed and dispatched orders are subject to correct address details. Delivery times are quoted in good faith. Hair Grinder Ltd can accept no responsibility for transport delays or circumstances outside of our control causing late delivery. We shall be under no liability for any delay or failure to deliver products if the delay or failure is wholly or partly caused by circumstances beyond our control. Delivery will be to the address advised in your order.

  • What is your RETURN policy?

Due to the fact that Hair Extensions and Hair Pieces, Clipper Blades and other Blades, Scissors and any similar products cannot be returned, «HG Polishen» Attachment is not subject to redelivery, i. e. sale and return policy is not applied.

If you have made an order on our website and received «HG Polishen» Attachment with any hidden defects or if it is damaged somehow during the delivery, Hair Grinder Ltd can agree it's return only upon the following conditions:


  • The customer must notify Hair Grinder Ltd by email within 3 days of receipt of the goods with the defects.

  • Authorization for the return must be gained. A request must be made via email at info@polishen.com

  • Hair Grinder Ltd will examine a request within 5 days.


Hair Grinder Ltd will organize collection of the product. A replacement item will be sent at no extra charge. If the product can not be replaced a refund will be given once the faulty item has been received by Hair Grinder Ltd.


  • The refund will be via the payment details you have previously provided with your order.

  • A refund will only be given once the parcel has been received and checked.

  • Hair Grinder Ltd will check the goods with defects within 5 days

  • It's been about 2 weeks, where is my package?

This can only happen if you choose Standard Shipping Worlwide. With it's time frame being 10 to 30 business days, please allow it more time to come to you. Don't forget to track your order via Parcel Monitor and please feel free to CONTACT US if you have any further issues with your order.

  • How can I become your sales representative?

Please CONTACT US and we will get in touch with you to discuss all details!


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